Quality Custom Car Paint Colors

Welcome to the home of affordable car paints.  Browse the various categories on our site or simply follow the scrolling images at the top of this page to link to the hottest custom car paint products and colors at unbelievable prices.  These are quality auto paint products made in the USA with all american pride and workmanship. We offer a full line of custom car paint colors, clearcoats, primers, and all the ancillary items you expect from a professional paint line and the best part is our unique sales model allows us to do this at prices you never thought possible!

Here is a summary of the types of car paint colors for your car or motorcycle available to you through our site:

Solid Colors

Solid auto paint colors are colors that do not contain a sparkling flake or pearl.  Colors like solid black, white, are all examples of this class of colors.  Solid colors are available in both basecoat form and single stage form with many custom colors and classic car colors currently available and more on the way.

Metallic Colors

Metallic car paint colors are those that contain a finely ground metallic flake, usually aluminum.  This metallic flake provides a sparkle under the sun and lights.  A wide range of colors and flake particle sizes for varying effect are available.

Pearl Colors

Pearl car paints are those which contain a pearl pigment that gives the paint a shimmer under light.  Unlike typical metallics, pearl pigments can have a colored shimmer which adds to possibilities for uniqueness and style.  Because of the colored shimmer the pearl pigments, pearl paints are typically more unique and chromatic.

Candy Colors

Candy auto paint colors is a system consisting of a base layer, a transparent colored layer (the candy), and a protective clearcoat layer.   These are sometimes referred to as 3 stage or tricoats but not all 3 stage or tricoats colors are true candy paints. Candy paint colors are said to be “deep” as a result of the see through color layer.  The metallic layer gives the film a sparkling appearance while the transparent color layer gives the sparkle a deep colored look often very unique from conventional automotive colors.   Candy colors are a more advanced application process and should only be undertaken by experienced custom painters or painters that are patient enough to learn the proper process to get a nice even look.

Chameleon Paint Colors

Chameleon car paints are color changing paints that reflect a different color at different viewing angles.  Like candy paints, chameleon paints are a 3 stage consisting of a basecoat, a chameleon pearl midcoat, and clearcoat.  A unique pearl pigment allows this technology to be possible.  it is not unusual for a car to look completely different as it approaches than it does as it passes and you look at it from behind.  This type color can be tricky to apply as well and should be reserved for the advanced painter.

Low Gloss Hot Rod Colors

Low gloss or “hot rod” colors are low sheen automotive finishes which have been on the rise in recent years.  These colors offer a unique look since most cars are glossy.  We offer a wide selection of this type of car paints with various colors and gloss sheens.

Fluorescent Colors

Fluorescent colors are unique colors that provide a high level of chroma and brightness not attainable with other color types.  The downside of this color type is that they do not last outdoors very long.  For vehicles stored outside is is not uncommon for them to see substantial fading in 6 months.  However, for regular repaints and short term use these colors can add real pop to a project.